The God of Broken Things by Cameron Johnston

God of Broken ThingsGod of Broken Things by Cameron Johnston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review.

Cameron Johnston delivers again! Edrin Walker is back and has a burning vengeance for the Scarabbus that tried to destroy his home. The sequel to The Traitor God picks up shortly after the end of the book and takes of running from there. Edrin's body is in shambles after his fight with the traitor god but still he presses on to seek revenge for his home of Setharis.

I really enjoyed the first book in the series but when I started reading The God of Broken Things I got to see how good Cameron writes. His characters are well developed but, the world is amazing, and his magic system is on a scale of it's own.

Edrin returned as the same self centered arse I remembered, and develops into a much different person through the story. I love Cameron's character development, it put me in the head of Edrin and really made him come alive.

The world or the part of it we get to see is in the high reaches of a dividing , snow covered, mountain range. It was described as vividly as if it actually exists. From the mountain caves that were made into towns to the ruins of the ancients all was built so wonderfully.

My favorite part is the magic system. The mages gave access to so much power but have to practice extreme self control or risk being overcome with magic and destroyed. All the mages have a different affinity our hero Edrin is known as tyrant, on that has magic that can control minds, and is the most feared mage in the world.

I really cant say much more about it without getting in to spoilers which I stay away from, but The Age of Tyranny is a series that should be on the top of everybody's pile to read.


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