Bloodrush by Ben Galley

Bloodrush (The Scarlet Star Trilogy, #1)Bloodrush by Ben Galley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Magick ain’t pretty, it ain’t stars and sparkles. Magick is dirty. It’s rough. Raw. It’s blood and guts and vomit. You hear me?”

Bloodrush is a western fantasy set just after the civil war in the Wyoming frontier of America. A coming of age fantasy that starts with the murder of The Prime Lord and winds up knee deep in the magick of the wild frontier lands.

It starts with Tonmerion Hark standing beside the dead body of his father after his murder. The boy is rapidly sent to America to live with his aunt until he becomes of legal age to take his inheritance. Along with him his faery friend and protector Rhin Rhen’ar goes with him. Together they take on the wild lands and unexpected turns that will change their lives forever.

There are so many wonderful elements to this book that made it a pure joy to read. You are dropped into a world so wonderfully developed that you can almost feel the hot, dry wind coming off the pages. At the same time the magic system comes in and what a magic system it is. I wont say too much about it since it gets spoiler heavy but this is a magic system that not many people can stomach.

“It’s an ancient magick, one that we’ve practised for thousands of years”

There was one thing that bothered me with the book, and that was at times the book was written to the 4th wall and it was obvious. I noticed at times there are comments or information obviously directed at the reader instead of it being worked in naturally. It wasn’t to distracting, but did seem to interrupt a few of the action scenes.

Overall this is a very fun read and a good start to the Scarlet Star series. I would definitely recommend this book to all.


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