Lord of Secrets by Breanna Teintze

Lord of Secrets (The Empty Gods, #1)Lord of Secrets by Breanna Teintze
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Corcoran Grey unlicensed mage has been looking for his grandfather for months. This debut novel from Breanna Tientze is a wonderful tale full of magic and treachery. Grey is determined to find his grandfather and will go through all challenges including an immortal necromancer.
Lord of Secrets has a very original magic system where you have to write down the runes for the spell before they can be cast, but each spell you cast poisons you at the same time and requires the mages to either find a way to remove the toxic parts from their body or rest between casting. I really enjoyed this take on magic and found it kind of refreshing instead of having an unlimited supply of magic that can be wielded with no major affects on the caster.
This is a single POV story that we watch through Grey as he goes on an emotional roller coaster from the imprisonment of his grandfather to being hunted by the Guild. Grey is a nice guy that hides himself by acting like a jerk as much as possible. Its nice to watch the changes in him as events happen around him.
I really enjoyed reading this and highly recommend this to be added to your tbr pile.

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