Wrath of Storms by Steven McKinnon

Wrath of Storms (The Raincatcher's Ballad #2)Wrath of Storms by Steven McKinnon
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I was provided a review copy by the author for a honest review.

Steven McKinnon has another hot one here. Wrath of Storms picks up a short time after the end of Symphony of the Wind with Tyson, Serena, and crew trying to get to Frosthaven to find Musa’s Temple to see if they can rid Serena of her Siren song.

I can’t say enough about Wrath of Storms, it has everything Symphony of the Wind had and takes it to a new level. Mckinnon continues with his world, it blows my mind how easily he crafts this world. He adds more depth to Dalthea, while adding new locations like Ryndara, Tarevia, and others.

At the end of Symphony, we saw Serena coming into her power and coming to grips with it and the fear it instills in others. Now we see Serena test the limits of her powers and find just how far she can go with her power. Tyson also gets fleshed out more, becoming less of the suicidal good guy to moving on from his past.

The battle scenes are taken up a few ticks this time. The battles were very good in Symphony, however the battles in Wrath of Storms feel larger in scale and add some new machines. At the same time some of the battles prove as a testing ground for Serena’s abilities.

Damien has disappeared back to his training grounds to see if he can overcome the bloodlust that is threatening to consume him. A bloodlust that also talks to him and claims helps him as he battles. It was shown in the first book that he wasn’t as efficient in battle is he didn’t kill and that issue gets explored deeper in his part of the story.

Wrath of Storms add a lot of depth and more twists and turns than a mountain road. Cant wait to see the next book in the series


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