Valley of the Free by Michael Sliter

Valley of the Free: Pandemonium Rising (#0.5)Valley of the Free: Pandemonium Rising by Michael Sliter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This novella from Mike Sliter gives the story of how Ferl's Company came to be, and the battle that forged them into the mercenary group they are now.

I was surprised when I saw Petrik do the reveal on this one and immediately picked it up and was not disappointed. Sliter delivered again with a wonderful short story about Ferl's first mercenary mission.

True to his style it was bloody and dark. I have always enjoyed his characters though they are morally grey they are still fleshed out and have a way to get you behind them even when they have to make the hard decisions.

I really enjoyed the way he was able to go back in forth with the narratives timeline telling events both before and after Ferl got his crew together. The jumps in time flow seamlessly and add more depth to the tale.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and am ready to get back into this world again.

If you liked Solace Lost and Wisdom Lost this is a must read.


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