Master of Sorrows by Justin T. Call

Master of Sorrows (The Silent Gods, #1)Master of Sorrows by Justin Travis Call
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was given an early copy of Master of Sorrows by Blackstone Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Blurb: Among the Academy's warrior-thieves, Annev de Breth is an outlier. Unlike his classmates who were stolen as infants from the capital city, Annev was born in the small village of Chaenbalu, was believed to be executed, and then unknowingly raised by his parents' killers.

Seventeen years later, Annev struggles with the burdens of a forbidden magic, a forgotten heritage, and a secret deformity. When he is subsequently caught between the warring ideologies of his priestly mentor and the Academy's masters, he must choose between forfeiting his promising future at the Academy or betraying his closest friends. Each decision leads to a deeper dilemma, until Annev finds himself pressed into a quest he does not wish to fulfil.

Will he finally embrace the doctrine of his tutors, murder a stranger, and abandon his mentor? Or will he accept the more difficult truth of who he is . . . and the darker truth of what he may become . . .

Master of Sorrows is the debut from Justin T. Call and it is spectacular, I was completely absorbed from page one! This book has everything you need in it magic, swords, betrayal, dark secrets, and of course the prophecy.

I can’t get over how well-crafted this novel is. There is so much lore and back story hidden here and its easily given to you with out feeling like its just a huge info dump. There are passages that are from the history books teaching about the gods of the land. Which I thought was a great way to give the back story without hurting the narrative.

The host of characters here is wonderful and its easy to follow and to get behind the main character Annev, whose POV is used for the entire story. According to prophecy he is to be a villain, but his upbringing has him fighting against that. I really enjoyed his character and spent enough time in his thoughts to understand his outlook and his desire to fight against the prophecy.

Justin’s writing style is very easy to read and is very engaging, you will find yourself reading more in a sitting than you realized. I truly had a hard time putting this one down at the end of reading sessions.

In short this was a blast to read and I highly recommend it to all.


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