Kingshold by D.P. Wooliscroft

Kingshold (The Wildfire Cycle #1)Kingshold by D.P. Woolliscroft
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I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A corrupt king and a wizard that is fed up with monarchies lead the kingdom to its first ever election for a ruler. In this wonderful tale you follow the bard Mareth as he sets out to swing the people to who he believes is the best candidate. Joining him is Trypp, Florian, and Motega a trio of scoundrels that are returning home, and Neenahwi the wizard’s daughter. Together they try to work together to turn the tide of the election to get the best person possible elected. This book has it all political intrigue, swords, magic, dwarves, and the biggest turtle ever.

This is a wonderful story, with some wonderful characters. The real strength of this tale lies in the characters. Each of them is fleshed out well and given such depth its hard not to identify with them. Mareth the bard is the idealistic bard, Alana is the servant girl to smart for her station, and Hoskin the chancellor is one of my favorites I just loved his sarcasm and his love for taunting the nobles as they come to him.

This one has some magic to it, though it is shown that only a few people can use it and it costs life force to use it. The focus, however is the political aspect of a country having elections for the first time. The candidates are not above having each other murdered or letting things get out of hand in the city to help their cause and hinder their opponents. The pace of the book is centered around the political aspect, so it is a slower paced book, but the characters and the dialogue make up for the lack of pace to the story. There are parts that the action does pick up but the most part is a slower burn.

The author has constructed a very large world here. There are several other countries and cities mentioned, as well as the wild continent that has yet to be fully explored. You also have the underground kingdom of the Dwarves to visit. I am waiting for more from the author to show the rest of this wonderful world he has given us.

Even though it starts slow this one takes you on a wonderful ride through the political scene of Kingshold and gives some good action scenes along the way. I highly recommend all fantasy fans to read this lovely tale.

About the author
Born in Derby in England, on the day before mid-summers day, David Peter Woolliscroft was very nearly magical. If only his dear old mum could have held on for another day. But magic called out to him over the years, with a many a book being devoured for its arcane properties. David studied Accounting at Cardiff University where numbers weaved their own kind of magic and he has since been a successful business leader in the intervening twenty years.
Adventures have been had. More books devoured and then one day, David had read enough where the ideas he had kept bottled up needed a release valve. And thus, rising out of the self doubt like a phoenix at a clicky keyboard, a writer was born. The Wildfire Cycle is David's debut series.
He is married to his wife Haneen and has a daughter Liberty, who all live with their mini golden doodle Rosie in Princeton NJ.
David is one of the few crabs to escape the crab pot.

Twitter - @dpwoolliscroft

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  1. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one and the characters had a huge part in that. I loved how fleshed out they all were and I was definitely rooting so hard for these underdogs to win the election! I'm very curious to see what happens next after that twist at the end. Wonderful review!


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