Missing: A Mason Gray Case by William C. Markham

Missing (Mason Gray #1)Missing by William C. Markham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb: Mason Gray is a walking cliche, complete with trench coat and fedora, and he knows it.

A former cop turned private investigator, he has a solid grip on the world around him. But when he finds a dead man in his apartment, he knows his career in on the line...again. The police are corrupt, he’s being chased by an assassin, and he learns that vampires might actually be real. To solve this case, he must choose to go through the looking glass, wrestle with demons both figurative and literal, and- of course- save the girl

Fans of the Dresden Files, Nightside, Alex Verus, and the Iron Druid Chronicles are sure to enjoy this thriller with a supernatural twist.

I received a copy of this audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review, and I would like to thank William C. Markham for the review copy.

This book grabbed me from the beginning with the noir style and the gritty voice of the narrator Adam Barr. Mason Gray is your typical private investigator form the trench coat to the fedora, but his world is upended when his case goes into the supernatural.

This book is a fast paced ride with plenty of action in it. The world building is limited, but being placed in a current major city, its not really needed. The story is similar to The Dresden Files but this one brings the supernatural in a lot slower. I do like the way that Gray did approach the supernatural slowly and with an open mind accepting what he was finding instead of fighting against it.

I truly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the further adventures of Mason Gray.


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