Bookshelf Symphony

The Bookshelf Symphony is a unique album that is the creation of Austin Farmer, in which he creates epic songs that were inspired by his favorite books. I found this idea very intriguing and have listened to the album so many times now, and even now I am listening to it as I write this. These songs are epic in scale and sound. If you are a fan of Two Steps From Hell, Epic North, or AudioMachine you will enjoy this album. I had the chance to ask Austin a few questions about one of the songs on this album. The song I got to ask about is the opening track “Extraction”. He got the inspiration for this track from the book of the same name Extraction by Stephanie Diaz. If you care to listen here is a link to the song on Spotify Here are the questions I asked Austin about his work the first was about his inspiration: Was there a certain scene in the book that inspired the song Extraction, or is this from a general influence of the book?   Extraction (by Stephanie Diaz, published by St. Martin’s Griffin) is such a thrilling, brilliant novel. This song is based on Chapter 14 in the book where the protagonist, Clementine, experiences one of her first major tests of strength and perseverance against a few enemies. Without giving too much away, this song was what I imagined would be playing during this scene. This song has a few different sections or movements to it that represent that chapter. In the intro of the song, I wanted to evoke a launching feeling, where every 4 measures, you feel a sense of suspension with bells and synths, only to be pulled back down by gravity with a huge bass drum downbeat, almost like you’re launching into Phantom or another realm. Then, the song speeds into section 2 with a cello line that enters into a driving, rhythmic beat that brings about a sense of adrenaline and empowerment, just as Clementine is feeling. The third section has a triumphant feel to it, featuring a huge orchestral jam session that ends on the cello theme heard in the second section of the song. I had so much fun creating this. You should definitely check out this book. After reading his thoughts on the book I think I will look for this on myself. I also asked about his future plans.   2. Do you plan on making any future book inspired albums like this one, or do you have plans to move in another direction?   I would definitely love to create a sequel for The Bookshelf Symphony Orchestra or to turn it into a series. I intended this to be an album people can play to seek inspiration while writing or reading (I have so many different writing playlists I have created over the years!) It took about 2 years to create The Bookshelf Symphony Orchestra, from writing the demoes, to pitching the idea, to fully re-arranging and producing the songs with new equipment. I have a few other bands and projects that I am a part of, so I would love to create another one in the future.   I for one will be looking for anything Austin does in the future. I have really enjoyed listening to this album and hope you will all check it out! Check out Stephanie Diaz's website and social media (and be sure to pick up a copy of Extraction from @StMartinsPress): @stephaniediaz   Thank you very much!  


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