Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett

Shorefall (Founders, #2)Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I finished reading Foundryside I immediately started looking for the sequel. Jump ahead a year and here comes Shorefall on Netgalley and I had too jump on it. Shorefall is book two of The Founders series by Robert Jackson Bennett. It picks up a short time after Foundryside ends,
and this one takes off like a rocket and never looks back. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and now am waiting on the next installment of the series.

One of my favorite things about the story is the magic system the author has made. The magic is called scriving, you basically write a definition on an item to convince it of something not true. You could convince a wheel it was rolling downhill and have a self-moving carriage, or convince a sword that it is always falling at a high speed to make it more effective. With this magic system reality can be bent to the will of the scriver, making almost endless possibilities of what can be accomplished through magic.

Shorefall runs at an incredible pace and never looks back. It starts with the introduction of the first Heirophant and moves with breakneck speed to the cliffhanger of a conclusion. Bennett has such a way of captivating you with his words that the pace feels natural and never rushed. Even the small breaks in the action where he builds the plot and the characters flow just as nicely.

The characters are another high point of the tale, The author builds such wonderful characters. The heros of the tale are people you want to get behind and cheer on, but the character I liked the most was the first Heirophant. Robert has such a talent for building the villian into someone that you want to see fail. Also the character development and revalations that come through the story just add to the richness of the world we have been gifted.

Shorefall is a unique tale that will take you along for a wild ride. I cant wait for the next book in the series


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