The New World by Mark Lawrence

The New WorldThe New World by Mark Lawrence
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I would like to thank Mark Lawrence for a review copy of this short story.

The New World returns us to the world of the Broken Empire to go along with Jalan and Snorri as they set off on another adventure together. Jalan hasnt changed since we kast saw him after the last time we saw him as a Cardinal in the Church of Roma. His lecherous ways have once again gotten him ontp trouble and he is being sent to the New World.

This is a short continuation of the tales of Snorri and Jalan, if you have read The Red Queen’s War then you know how their travels go. If you haven’t read it let’s just say Snorri does all the hard work, while Jalan whines and complains about everything. This time the are traveling across the Atlantis Ocean on a mission for the church.

I can say that I love Mark Lawrence’s books but Jalan is my least favorite character. His constant lack of any decent character traits, for me, makes him less of a desire to read about. However Snorri is one I would love to read more about, but when mixed together in what I like to refer to as the odd couple of fantasy Jalan still has a way to take some of the enjoyment out of it.

Overall I found this short romp with the odd couple more entertaining and Jalan less irritating than normal. There is not a lot of action in this but, what is there is exciting. I would say to go pick it up normally, but this short story is only available in the Red Queen’s War omnibus edition. If you do happen to get a shance to read it is a good high seas tale of this interesting duo.

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