The Obisidan Tower

The Obsidian Tower (Rooks and Ruin, #1)The Obsidian Tower by Melissa Caruso
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I would like to thank Orbit and NetGalley for the review copy of this book.

Wow, The Obsidian Tower is a great book. Melissa Caruso has given us one outstanding story with lots of magic, political intrigue, and some interesting twists and turns. I had never read anything from this author before, but definitely will be reading more from her.

"Guard the tower, ward the stone. Find your answers writ in bone. Keep your trust through wits or war--nothing must unseal the door."

This book starts with Ryxander, known as Ryx to all, as she tries to negotiate peace between two countries. The same night her grandmother The WitchLord of Vaskandar is called away to seal with a chimera on the border. While her grandmother is away, a visiting noble is accidentally killed by Ryx and the Obsidian Tower is opened. Things spin wildly out of control from there for Ryx as she tries to continue the diplomatic negotiations, while trying yo solve the mystery of the tower and how word of it escaped.

This book has a lot of action to it but violence is always the last option for Ryx. She would rather use her skills of diplomacy and her quick mind to avoid violence at all costs. I enjoyed this aspect of the book, most novels have swords drawn or spells cast before questions are asked. Seeing a different approach to handling conflict was very welcome.

All the characters in this tale are very believable, the villains are evil but not to the point of loathing the mentions of them. My favorites were the Rookery the magic investigators, they were a welcome as experts in magic but none of them have enough power to be considered a mage.

This is a twisting tale of murder, political intrigue, and magical mytsery that is sure to satisfy any fan of fantasy.

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